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What is RAP?

The Rabun Aid Program is designed to offer participants an opportunity of service, cultural exchange, spiritual growth, and Christian Fellowship while aiding the elderly, handicapped, or economically disadvantaged.

What are the Goals of RAP?

1) It is our goal to model the person and character of Christ to all those that we serve.

2) It is our goal to take unsafe living conditions and create a safe environment that will add longevity to the structure. RAP is a mission, an adventure, and an experience!

When is RAP?

The 2019 RAP dates are June 19-23.  We will receive you at RAP Camp between 2:00-4:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon; the mission will conclude with lunch and awards on Sunday.  

This event is a ministry to those we serve but also to those that attend.  It is essential that RAPer stay through the entire event.  Leaving for even a short time, may drastically affect the entire effort of RAP.  

RAP is open to the first 75 registered and paid youth plus the adults needed to run the operation.  Each registered participant will be given a RAP t-shirt. 


  • Back by popular demand each group will be given the opportunity to eat lunch out on Saturday.  It will be at each team members expense (bring money ~ $5 to $15) and each team will decide based on their work load and schedule, where they will be eating.  There will be no sack lunches available for Saturday.

  • No one under the age of 21 should bring a vehicle on the premises of the RAP camp.  Due to parking problems all vehicles that are not being used by work teams or on site volunteers should be left at Clayton First UMC Family Life Center.

  • All groups that come must bring 1 adult driver for every 4 youth.  For insurance purposes, an adult is a person that has reached 21 years of age.  All groups attending must have a minimum of 1 adult leader.  All groups need to bring one work group transporting vehicle (groups are 5 to 7 people).  This standard applies to all RAPers. 

  • Those persons that are under 21 but have graduated from high school (for at least a year) may be an assistant group leader, but may not transport campers. 

  • We request that each RAPper bring a bible with them. Assistant Work Group Leaders will serve as leaders of the Daily Bible Studies.

  • The only music that should be played at RAP will be Christian music.  

  • All forms and money should be turned in no later than May 15, to be able to participate in RAP 2019.