Boat church is at 9:00 am every sunday from Memorial Day weekend  through Labor Day weekend

Started in 1972, Boat Church is wonderful place to worship.  You do not need a boat for Boat Church,  you can sit on benches at the boathouse or bring a chair and sit on the shore.  The service generally lasts for 30 minutes so that you will have time to get back to town for Sunday School.

The story of the beginning of Boat Church is told in the book "150 Years:  A Story of the Clayton First United Methodist Church" in a remembrance written by Sally Long Forlines. “In 1972, I was working with the youth and as a part-time secretary for the Methodist minister, Hal Brady.  In one of our many discussions, we began to talk about how people in general spent their leisure time.  Our discussion progressed to the point of taking some sort of action through our church and through the Rabun Methodist Ministerial group. Hal also discussed the issue with the District Superintendent.  The church then obtained a list of name and addresses from the Lake Rabun Association, which became the key ingredient in the Lake Rabun ministry. . .  Things began to come together when we found an old barge.  It was nothing more than four old oil cans with a few boards strapped to the top.  A small motor was mounted to the back of it.  I think it was Dave Bailey who rigged up a PA system by using a car battery.  It was real crude.  I painted a sign for the barge and our ministry was originally called “THE FISHERMAN."  It was decided to use our youth group as the “choir, since we had some terrific young people who had good voices. One of the kids was also excellent on the guitar.  Betty and Guy Hall donated their boat house for folks who wanted to come to the services but wanted to come on foot.  Plans were to start on that first Memorial Day weekend in 1972. It was truly a miracle that first morning, to see so many people come to that first service. We thought 20 would be great, more than 130 people came that first morning!