Our mission is simple and straightforward:
To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

How we accomplish that mission is what makes Clayton First unique.

We believe that the most fruitful and vital place that disciple-making occurs is right here in the local church. That’s why we strive to excel in these four areas:

Christ-Centered Worship

At Clayton First UMC, we are wholly devoted to following Jesus Christ and our worship service is designed to proclaim and share his love with the world. We believe that every person, without exception, is loved and accepted by God. Therefore, whether you’re a first time visitor to our worship service or a long-time member, we strive to extend hospitality to all people and with the hope that everyone would feel comfortable, welcome, and right at home in God’s house.  

Community-Oriented Ministry

The hearts of our people and the doors of our church at Clayton First UMC are always open to the community around us. We take very seriously the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Therefore, whether it’s through our Creative Learning Center, our Vacation Bible School, Boat Church, or any number of classes or Bible studies, we want the people in our neighborhood to know that they are welcome and invited to participate in our church-wide programming.

Compassion-filled Mission

We believe that we exist to serve the world. And “the world” as we define it at Clayton First UMC includes people and places that are both near and far. On the local level, we are deeply entrenched in ministry in Rabun County. We are highly committed to serving the people in our neighborhood through a variety of local ministries, including our annual Youth Mission: RAP (Rabun Aid Program). On the global level, we support missions, missionaries, and ministries that extend far beyond the walls of the local church and help people all around the world.

Christian Fellowship

We believe that life is a journey. And no matter who you are, we’re convinced that the unpredictable path through the peaks and valleys of life is always made more enjoyable by the people you travel with. That’s why we place a high value on relationships at Clayton First UMC. Because we believe that the church is more than just a gathering of individuals; it’s a community of faith. And whether it’s in a Sunday School class, a small group study, or working side-by-side on a church-wide mission project, we’ve found that fellowship is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of faith.